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21/04/2018 - Section28 Fontina

Section28 Fontina



Our Fontina is made in the classic style of the unique alpine cheese of Northern Italy’s Valle d’Aosta. Our cheese is made from raw milk and then washed weekly for a minimum of four months in our cave. It has an aromatic, slightly pungent, reddish yellow rind and a smooth, supple straw-yellow paste dotted with small round holes. The Fontina has a rich buttery flavour with a delicate nuttiness that is balanced by subtle hints of green grass, earthy cellars and sweet summer fruits.

Best Served:
In a Risotto Bianco, melted on a Croque Monsier or on a platter with nuts and fresh fruit

Wine Match:
Pinot Grigio, Gewurztraminer, Nebbiolo, Barbera


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