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21/04/2018 - Monte Diavolo

Monte Diavolo



Our Monte Diavolo is formed in a flattened sphere and the rind is lightly washed for 90 days. The pâté is ivory-coloured, with a supple texture that is studded with crushed native pepper berries.

The native pepper adds a distinctive savoury flavour to the cheese that is uniquely Australian. It is sweet at first, with an aftertaste that is peppery, smoky and herbal.

To ensure maximum quality, our Monte Diavolo is only made immediately after the native pepper berry harvest and is available from April to September each year.

Best Served With:
Plain crackers, the best artisan salumi and fresh fruit (eg. Pear/green apple)

Wine Match:
Barbera, Dolcetto, Pinot Grigio


2018 Grand Dairy Awards – Champion Cheese, Flavoured Cheese Category
2017 SA Dairy Awards – Gold Medal, Washed Cheese Category


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