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02/01/2017 - Mont Rouge

Mont Rouge

Our Mont Rouge is a semi-soft cheese with a lightly washed rind that highlights the simple goodness of our milk, collected fresh from the dairy. It is handcrafted with pasteurised cows milk and non-animal rennet and has a savoury flavour, with a slightly sweet finish that is mild and suits all occasions. The Mont Rouge is washed twice a week in our caves for approximately 30 days until its pâté is ivory-coloured, soft and supple, with a smooth, velvety texture and a clean finish.

Best Served with:
Fresh crusty bread and dried fruit

Beer/Wine Match:
Farmhouse Ale, Saison or Lambic, Gewurztraminer, Barbera


2017 SA Dairy Awards – Gold Medal, Washed Rind Cheese Category



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